Saving and investing

See how much you can save

How much can you save?

Figure out how much you can afford to put by and for how long. Look at your income, what you spend each month and what you owe on any loans. See more

Which savings account to choose

Ways to save

Learn more about the different savings options including deposit accounts, state savings schemes and credit union accounts. See more



Find out about the different type of investment products, including information on the risks involved and fees and charges of different investment products. See more

Compare savings accounts

Compare savings accounts

Use our regular and lump-sum deposit comparison tools to compare savings accounts. See more

Saving and investing is an important part of planning for your future

Saving regularly will help you:

  • Manage your money
  • Cope with unexpected expenses and emergencies
  • Afford things you need in the future
  • Borrow less
  • Ease financial stress

It's a good idea to save for events you know are coming up in the short-term, like holidays or Christmas. This means you will have some money put aside when the time comes. Saving for the short-term allows you to access your money at short notice, while earning some interest and keeping your money safe.

Longer-term saving usually involves some investing, this will help your money grow so you can afford something in the future, for example your children's education or your retirement. Most investments involve an element of risk, but over the long term it may give you a better return than savings. It’s important that you understand this risk and return on your investments.

How safe are my savings?

The government has compensation and guarantee schemes in place to protect savings and investments in Irish banks. See more

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