What the CCPC does with information provided by contacts

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) is grateful to everyone who takes the time to contact us and highlight areas where legislation may have been breached.

We are not an ombudsman and so we cannot act on individual complaints or get involved in individual consumer or business issues. We will give you information on your rights so that you can resolve your own issue.

All the information we receive is recorded, in line with data protection legislation and best practice, on our database which is analysed on an ongoing basis to identify where markets are not working well. This analysis allows the CCPC to prioritise its work in the areas where it can have the greatest impact.  

We may investigate an issue if we feel there is a potential breach and we are satisfied that it meets our prioritisation criteria. Due to the volume of contacts we receive, it is not possible for us to respond to individuals about any possible investigation we may take.

If, following an investigation, we believe that a trader/business is in breach of legislation, we have a number of enforcement tools that can be used which are as follows:

  • Civil proceedings – prohibition orders, undertakings
  • Compliance notices
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Fixed payment notices
  • Publication of trader names

If enforcement action is not appropriate, we can use our advocacy role to try to influence change to make markets work better.

Examples of potential breaches of legislation which are reviewed by the CCPC:

To report anti-competitive behaviour or practices click here.  

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