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Buying Online


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Before buying online

Buying online can be a handy way to shop. To help it go smoothly you can take steps to protect yourself online. You can do this by researching a website before you buy, and by making sure the payment method is secure. More information





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Your rights online

New EU laws have given you additional consumer rights to protect you when you buy online. These laws also apply to more than just buying online; they cover buying something over the phone, from a mail order catalogue or a TV shopping channel. The Consumer Rights Directive only covers purchases from businesses based in the EU, so remember to check the postal address of any business that you are buying from. More information

The Consumer Rights Directive came into effect in Ireland in June 2014.  The Directive updates and replaces existing consumer law to take account of new products, services and ways to shop.





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If things don't go as planned

If your online purchase didn't go as planned, we have information on what to do next. More information

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