Consumers Rights - Buying Goods

When you buy goods, you enter into a contract with the shop or retailer who sells them to you. The retailer agrees to provide a product or service to you for a certain price. Under consumer law, an item must be:

  • Of merchantable quality – it must be of a reasonable and acceptable standard
  • Fit for the purpose intended – it must be fit for the purpose it was  bought for
  • As described – it must match the description given verbally or in an advertisement. False or exaggerated claims must not be made by the retailer

There is no obligation on the shop to give you a receipt for the goods you buy. However, you should always ask for one.

When you buy goods, you are entitled to be dealt with fairly by the salesperson or trader - they should act in good faith, not mislead you about the product or service and avoid using harassment, coercion or undue influence.

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