Baby Budget Planner

Congratulations, you’re expecting a new arrival! Our baby budget planner will help you to figure out what to buy at each stage of your pregnancy so you can plan your spending and keep these expenses within your budget. It has been put together based on what new parents have told us - there will be some things that you will need and some things that you might ask friends and family to buy as presents.  We don’t encourage you to buy everything on this list as it’s more to use as a checklist – you might even have some of these items already. 

We have kept this checklist general (no price estimates or retailers) as prices vary and by shopping around you could make huge savings.  Ultimately, it’s up to you how much you spend.  Remember, some costs will be ongoing, such as nappies, baby care products and doctors or crèche fees, which you’ll need to consider. You can use our general budget planner to re-work your household budget once your baby arrives.

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First Trimester

Second Trimester

  1. Third Trimester and first month







    For mum-to-be


After the first few months, there will be other expenses, such as a cot and mattress, weaning spoons and bowls, a high chair, a playpen, a bouncy/rocker chair, an activity mat, toys/baby books. You may receive some of these as presents or you may already have some of these but the important thing is, you do not need to buy them before your baby comes home. So you can spread the cost over a few months and take time to shop around for the best deals.

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