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The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission was formed on 31 October 2014 following the amalgamation of the Competition Authority and the National Consumer Agency. On that day the Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2014 came in to force. The Commission has a new dual mandate to enforce competition and consumer protection law and we will build on the work of the legacy organisations to: protect and strengthen competition, empower consumers to make informed decisions and protect them from harmful business practices. Read more at www.ccpc.ie

We represent the voice of the consumer, defending consumer interests at the highest levels of national and local decision-making. We provide you with information about your consumer rights and personal finance. We help you to manage your money, with useful tools and information to help you get the most from your money and help you make smart decisions. 

We have responsibility for market surveillance in respect of the safety of a wide range of non-food consumer products. Our roles in relation to product safety include enforcing product safety legislation, investigating complaints about unsafe products, carrying out surveillance activities, alerting consumers about unsafe products, advising manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and their representative bodies about their responsibilities and managing Ireland’s input to the EU product safety rapid alert system, RAPEX

We also have responsibility for bringing anti-competitive behaviour and practices that are harmful to consumers to an end, where necessary via court actions. We examine certain mergers and acquisitions to ensure that there is not a substantial lessening of competition in Ireland. We will also promote compliance with a new regulatory regime in the Grocery sector aimed at ensuring balance and fairness in commercial relationships

We have a Disability Liaison Officer who acts as a point of contact for individual with disabilities. We are committed to providing this service and aim to ensure that all our services and facilities are accessible to all our customers.

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Want to find out if a firm is regulated?

If you have a query about a credit intermediary such as a:

  • motor dealer offering car finance
  • computer, furniture or electrical store offering credit and finance deals
  • retailer selling insurance to extend the guarantee of a product beyond the date provided by the manufacturer - called a warranty
  • a pawnbroker

check out our Register of Credit Intermediaries or contact us on 1890 432 432.

You can go to the Central Bank’s registers website to find out if a financial services firm is regulated or to get a list of regulated advisors. The Central Bank’s website also lists warning notices on firms that have been operating in Ireland without authorisation. Remember, that you do not have the same protection if you deal with a financial services firm that is not authorised.

Other regulators/government bodies

Products/services they regulate

Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) Regulation of the electronic communications sector (telecommunications, radiocommunications and broadcasting transmission) and the postal sector
Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) Overseeing the liberalisation of Ireland's energy sector.

Irish Travel Agents Association (ITAA)

Travel insurance when it is sold by a travel agent, as part of a package tour or along with an overseas travel contract.

The Health Insurance Authority

Monitors the health insurance market.

The Pensions Authority

Occupational pensions schemes and the responsibilities of trustees.

The Revenue Commissioners

Government levy on ATM/credit cards.

The Office of the Ombudsman

Private nursing homes

Central Bank of Ireland Banks, insurance companies, brokers, Credit Unions etc.

Merger with the Competition Authority

In the October 2008 Budget, the Minister for Finance announced plans to amalgamate the NCA and the Competition Authority, the body responsible for enforcing Irish and European competition law.

Competition law is primarily designed to protect and benefit consumers, who should be able to buy goods and services at a competitive price. Greater competition provides good value for consumers, stimulates business and enhances the economy as a whole.

Anti-competitive behaviour by businesses, such as price fixing, results in consumers paying higher prices without any extra benefits, and undermines the Irish economy's competitiveness.

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission was established on 31 October 2014.


If you have a complaint about the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, you can refer your complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman

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