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Greyhound agrees to change consumer contracts and refund credit balances/cancellation fees

20 December 2012

Greyhound agrees to change consumer contracts and make refunds ... More >

Thank Christmas for gift vouchers

17 December 2012

Thank Christmas for gift vouchers... More >

Don’t toy with safety this Christmas

29 November 2012

What to look out for when buying toys this Christmas.... More >

Know your shoppers’ rights this Cyber Monday

26 November 2012

Your rights when buying online this Christmas. What to do if goods are faulty or if you simply wish to return an unwanted gift or change your mind about something. ... More >

Budget before you shop with our Christmas budget planner

12 November 2012

Budget before you shop with our Christmas budget planner... More >

Beware of payment protection insurance (PPI) scam calls

01 November 2012

PPI telephone scams are now common - if you're called just hang up.... More >

Learn about possible dangers with window blinds and curtains

01 November 2012

Learn how to make your window blinds and curtains safe for children with the National Consumer Agency's Video.... More >

Financial product comparisons nominated for website award

24 October 2012

We are delighted that our Financial product comparisons have been nominated for an Eircom Spiders Award in the “Best financial services” category. ... More >

Latest survey shows big savings for younger drivers

24 October 2012

We've just published our latest motor insurance cost comparison. The survey, which collected information on eight different driver profiles across eight insurance firms, found that drivers in all categories can save money by getting a number of quotes before buying motor insurance... More >

Analogue switch off - Oct 24th

17 October 2012

Get ready for the Digital Switchover - read our information on how to go digital.... More >

Getting ready for Halloween?

17 October 2012

Check out our top tips to help you have a fun and safe Halloween... More >

Know the charges on prepaid cards and vouchers

15 October 2012

Know the charges on prepaid cards and vouchers ... More >

NCA welcomes price display in childcare facilities

11 October 2012

NCA welcomes price display in childcare facilities... More >

Information for consumers who took out payment protection insurance

09 October 2012

If you have or had a payment protection insurance policy and think it was mis-sold, there are a number of things you should be aware of. ... More >

Stay ahead of the scammers

01 October 2012

Stay ahead of the scammers... More >

Bank of Ireland changes free banking criteria

25 September 2012

So - what can you do?... More >

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

24 September 2012

Do you know the dangers?... More >

NCA and USI join forces to help students

24 September 2012

NCA and USI join forces to help students... More >

Do you know how to make a complaint?

18 September 2012

Do you know how to make a complaint?... More >

New independent advice service for those in mortgage difficulty

07 September 2012

New independent advice service for those in mortgage difficulty... More >

Latest home heating oil survey reveals savings nationwide

06 September 2012

Latest home heating oil survey reveals savings nationwide... More >

Ulster Bank announces compensation package

31 August 2012

Ulster Bank announces compensation package ... More >

Time to save on your household bills

28 August 2012

96% of consumers who switched their car insurance saved an average of €125 per year.... More >

How to find the best student account for you

21 August 2012

If you plan on opening a student current account this year, use our student current account comparison to compare all the accounts on offer before you choose the best one for you. ... More >

Are your window blinds safe?

16 August 2012

If you are buying new blinds or curtains, there are simple checks you can take to make sure they are safe. ... More >

Concerned about your credit history?

09 August 2012

Concerned about your credit history? ... More >

Get top marks for back-to-school budgeting

01 August 2012

With a new school year just around the corner, many families are getting their children ready to go back to school. ... More >

New baby guide can make budgeting child’s play

26 July 2012

Learn how to plan for your new baby as well as preparing for their future.... More >

Budgeting for summer can be easy

20 July 2012

With the summer holidays in full swing, you might need to stretch your budget a little bit further for family activities.... More >

Shop around and save money on your home insurance

11 July 2012

We have just published our latest home insurance product comparison survey. ... More >

ECB cuts interest rate to record low

05 July 2012

The European Central Bank (ECB) has announced today that it will cut its interest rate by .25% to a record low of .75% from 11 July 2012. This is good news for tracker mortgage holders. ... More >

Get a real deal online

05 July 2012

Our research shows three out of five (61%) people in Ireland are now signed up to an online deal site but one in three (33%) who bought from an online deal site were not happy with a purchase. ... More >

Beware of fake Ulster Bank emails

04 July 2012

With the recent technical issues at Ulster Bank, watch out for scam emails. ... More >

Taking a trip with your smartphone?

04 July 2012

There are now new roaming rules that limit the amount you can be charged for using the internet on your phone in the E.U. The new rules set a limit of 70 cents per megabyte (excluding VAT). ... More >

Find out about our 2011 Annual Report

03 July 2012

We have just published our annual report for 2011 which contains details of all our activity during the year... More >

Beware of online scams

29 June 2012

The Gardaí have recently issued a warning about a computer virus scam in Europe.... More >

Shopping in the summer sales - know your rights

28 June 2012

Find out what your rights are when shopping in the summer sales - in shops and online... More >

Beware of online scams

21 June 2012

It’s important to know and watch out for different types of scams, especially when you’re online as new scams can crop up from time to time. There are steps you can take to protect yourself. ... More >

Learn about our recent enforcement actions

11 June 2012

We have just published our latest Consumer Protection List which contains details of 130 enforcement actions that we have taken ..... More >

Avoid nasty surprises on holiday with our Travel Guide

05 June 2012

Avoid nasty surprises on holiday with our Travel Guide ... More >

Planning a summer holiday at home?

24 May 2012

Planning a summer holiday at home?... More >

Tips to reduce your current account fees

24 May 2012

Tips to reduce your current account fees... More >

Ditch your credit card debt

08 May 2012

If you have stubborn credit card debt that you can’t seem to clear, there are steps you can take to help you get control of your credit card. ... More >

Has your mortgage rate changed?

01 May 2012

If your mortgage rate has changed and you are not too sure how this will affect your repayments, our mortgage rate change calculator can help you. ... More >

Reduce your household spending

27 April 2012

If you want to save money on your everyday household bills, our budget planner can help. ... More >

Concerned about communion costs?

23 April 2012

Preparing for a First Holy Communion is an exciting time but with so many things to consider, the costs can add up quickly.... More >

Could your money work harder for you?

17 April 2012

If you want to make sure you are getting the most out of your money, our comparisons of financial products are here to help you. ... More >

Want free personal finance education in your workplace?

16 April 2012

We have just launched our new Money Skills for Life programme to provide free, independent personal finance education to you in your workplace. ... More >

Have you used a Leap card on Dublin bus?

10 April 2012

Some Leap card users have been charged a higher fare and are due a refund. ... More >

Waste collection – know your rights

03 April 2012

If you are not too sure if you are getting a good deal from your waste collection provider, we have information here that can help.... More >

Stay one step ahead of doorstep scams

02 April 2012

Avoid getting caught out by doorstep scams ... More >

AIB makes changes to free banking criteria

21 March 2012

AIB makes changes to free banking criteria.... More >

A small change can make cents

20 March 2012

The smallest change can make a big difference to your pocket. If you’ve given up something for Lent, have you thought about how much you could be saving if it is something you were buying regularly?... More >

You could save over €9,000 on your life insurance

13 March 2012

Latest life insurance cost comparison from the NCA shows potential savings of €9,000... More >

Beware of ‘boiler room’ scams

02 March 2012

If a stranger calls you out of the blue and asks you to buy shares in a company you've never heard of or sell shares you own at a very attractive price– be very wary. ... More >

Is your GP displaying prices?

01 March 2012

NCA calls on GPs to display prices... More >

Research shows switching can save you money

20 February 2012

85% of consumers surveyed who had switched in the last 12 months have saved money.... More >

Dealing with stubborn credit card debt?

15 February 2012

Get our tips to help you cut you credit card debt... More >

Solicitors’ pricing survey shows you can make savings

09 February 2012

We have just published a nationwide survey on solicitors’ fees, looking at the professional fees charged for three common services... More >

NCA secures compensation for consumer who purchased a clocked car

07 February 2012

The NCA secured a compensation order under the Consumer Protection Act 2007 on behalf of a consumer who had purchased a clocked car... More >

Safer Internet Day

07 February 2012

7 February is Safer Internet Day. Learn how to stay safe online with the NCA... More >

Online deal sites – deal or no deal?

01 February 2012

With so many offers available from online deal sites, it can be difficult to know whether you’ve got yourself a real bargain or bagged a bad deal. To make sure you get the most from online deal sites, follow our top tips. ... More >

Drive down the cost of running your car

30 January 2012

If you are worried about the rising costs of running your car, there are simple steps you can take to save money on your every day motoring expenses. ... More >

Associated Newspapers (Ireland) Ltd found guilty of breaches of Consumer Protection Act

25 January 2012

The offences related to events on 6 February 2011, when the Irish Mail on Sunday newspaper produced an edition of the newspaper with a wraparound cover, which which had the effect of misleading consumers into believing that the paper was the Sunday Tribune.... More >

Ole, Ole, Ole it's the Euro 2012 SURVIVAL Kit

17 January 2012

Have a look at our Euro 2012 SURVIVAL kit to help you prepare for the big trip.... More >

Want to cut the cost of your insurance?

09 January 2012

If you are looking to cut costs, make sure you are not paying more than you need to on your insurance premiums... More >

BEKO fridge freezer recall

05 January 2012

You may have recently received a leaflet from BEKO regarding certain models of BEKO fridge freezers. ... More >

Shape up your finances in 2012 in four simple steps

05 January 2012

The results from our latest market research shows that budgeting, saving more and reducing debt are your key money resolutions for 2012.... More >

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